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Foremost Damp Proofer in Noida

Sharthak Enterprise is made up of damp proofing specialists with many years of experience. Our qualified team has successfully identified and rectified a wide range of stubborn problems related to damp, and has recommended and implemented long-term solutions to the projects they have undertaken in Noida and its environs. If you are experiencing damp in your property and would like to book a survey, please get in touch with us on 8076567602.

Specialist equipment

When it comes to proofing and reversing the effects of damp on your property the only way to stop the rot entirely is to hire a professional. We use a series of preventative technologies to help firstly locate the source of damp and then counteract its development. Using a range of treatments, we can offer chemical injections of water repellent technology into the masonry to create long-term protection from damp. Whether it’s brick or timber, we’re experts when it comes to damp.

Damp detection experts

There’s no use attempting to rectify a damp problem before locating the source of the issues. We offer conclusive damp proofing checks designed to locate any potential hazards as well as find the source of your troubles. Often damp can arise through a number of things including new patios laid ineffectively, flower beds, lack of drainage, as well as badly constructed extensions. Whatever your issue, we’re dedicated to helping you out.


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